Her first foray as an artist happened by chance through social media. As a successful medical aesthetician and sales executive in Manhattan, she created a beauty blog focusing on skincare and wellness to spread awareness and educate others. To grab people’s attention, she created stunning and innovative imagery. A few of her Instagram posts received acclaim and LA Fashion Magazine featured her and her images as a skinspert. The feature opened doors in the New York City art world; consequently, she won Save Art Space’s art competition in Brooklyn, which placed one of her popular images on a billboard.  The surreal experience garnered her recognition, admiration, and encouragement from other artists.

As Jolie’s momentum built in the art world, she knew this was the path she was meant to pursue. Up until that point, she had solely been focused on her career as a medical aesthetician; though, she had subconsciously found a way to combine her career with her artistic side. She had been living in a world of “shoulds” and focusing on a career she should be focusing on rather than the one she dreamed of.

Art continued to pull Jolie further and further into its embrace. Rather than focusing solely on her passion to help others feel and look more beautiful, she created a career where she was gifting beauty through the lens of her camera for everyone to enjoy. Art became more than a job; it became an obsession. A need to create, capturing life as she sees it.

A student in perpetuity, Jolie is self taught through trial and error. With each image she finds and develops her style as she grows as a human and an artist. Free to create what inspires her without apology. She has found a way to communicate without words through her honest photographs, which transparently express her emotions.

The world is unique to each person, and within everyone lives an artist. No one sees the world the same way. Being able to capture her reality uninhibited has allowed Jolie a sense of exceptional personal freedom. Sharing her vision with others is the purest form joy and fulfillment.  

Jolie’s work is made up of exclusively original pieces, which she sells in the form of prints. She loves creating beautiful art for the world and is always open to commissioned work for one of a kind pieces.


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