10 unisex bathroom essentials you'll love to share

Some of us tend to collect copious amounts of bathroom-stuff that will make us prettttty, while others strive to be minimalists. Most of us have our go-to hygiene essentials. What happens when The Packrat and The Thrifty share a bathroom? I’m putting my money on UNI-SEX’in it as much as humanly possible!

PRO: A more organized and minimal bathroom where the needs of both people can be met

CON: He uses all of your coveted cosmetics

Nemat sandalwood perfume oil

Myyyyy oh myyyy how the notes of sandalwood, cedar, clove, vanilla, rose, and amber in Nemat’s Oil make my knees week. The subtle, sweet fragrance of this elixir mixes differently with everyone’s own alchemy, however, I find that it mixes well with most and compliments both masculine and feminine pheromones. It can also be used for aromatherapy (creating a relaxed & peaceful environment), as well as to help sooth health-ailments such as bronchitis, low-libido, and insomnia. It’s the most pleasant multi-tasker that I own and am lost without it. We both are!

OUI single blade razor

Made for women, loved by men. I swear that should have been their slogan! Made for the world wide ingrown-hair epidemic (I swear!), it’s pretty to look at for some of us and practical for the other some. OUI has created a little bit of pixy dust for all of us. It’s sustainable, utilitarian, looks like jewelry, does its job more than well, comes with disposable blades, and is even a safety-razor. Just trust me on this one. I’d go on and on and onnnn about its glory but, I don’t think you have all day.

Lancer, The Method Polish

Okay, so remember the one and only aggressive as heck Saint Ive’s Apricot Scrub (maybe some of you still swear by it)? …and how about that ever disappointing scrub that does absolutely nothing but slop on your face? Well, THIS isn’t either of the two. Once I tried The Polish, I never tried another scrub-product again. Forever married to Prince Lancer. Formulated for the “biological principal universal to all skin: the cellular cycle of renewal,” it’s perfect for both the hearty and the fragile. It delivers satisfaction to all customers and promises optimal luminosity with its active ingredients. A little bit goes a long way, it’s a household favorite!

Kopari Deodorant

Man is this stuff addicting. I’m not sure if it’s the hypnotic, intoxicating smell (original scent is my favorite) or how well it works without being unadulterated, under-arm poison that makes it a favorite. But, it’s definitely somethin’! Yet another bathroom essential that my boyfriend got caught red-handed dipping into. “Well, it smells so good,” he says. As Kopari coins it “paradise for your pits,” this coconut based deod is for everyone including the sensitive and the stinky.

Dr. Bronner’s Baby Castile Soap

Duh! This stuff can be used for pretty much everything. He uses it on his hair and body. I use it on my bod and also use it to clean household items with. Made in a heavily concentrated form, this baby is built to last a long time, is multi-purpose, and sustainable. You literally only need a teensy amount for it to do it’s job well and don’t have to worry about toxically overloading your body or environment. Instead of 45 body washes that do different things, I’ve agreed to take part in one of his go-to’s. What do ya know, another uni-sex soul connection.

Essential Oxygen BR Organic Brushing Rinse

Part super hero, part mouth savior, BR is an unreal whitener, a heath improver, and a breath-refresher, all in one. BR is a long-time favorite of mine. Whenever I decide to “get crazy” and cheat on my beloved BR Rinse, I realize that I have taken him for granted and need to take some serious moral inventory. Like many of my essentials, this is also multi-functional and non-toxic. It can be used for morning breath, teeth whitening, mouthwash and pre-wash, for a sore throat, ear cleaning, wound cleaning, to wash food, to soak your toothbrush, to clean household surfaces and dishes, for odors, safe for pets…the list goes on and on. A smile maker and a vanity appeaser, its helped to keep my teeth super white, my gums healthy, and my breath confidently fresh.

Abyssinian Oil

Very popular in our house, this is used for both hair and body. Coconut Oil is also an essential item for me that has multiple uses but, if I had to choose one oil, this would be it. I feel lucky to have happened upon this very unique nature’s-formula. As, its molecular structure is not found in any other naturally occurring substance. Its easily and quickly absorbed, is super light weight, has no smell, is very resistant to oxidation, and is abundant in all things that prevent age and make us lovely. Because it penetrates the skin quickly and is non-comedogenic, I reach for it to moisturize right out of the shower most of the time. I also add this to my boyfriend’s conditioner as well as to my own. It has a magical way of smoothing the hair and elongating the curl pattern…a MUST in my home! I also use it as a hair sealer and styler. This stuff is brilliant!

Aveda’s Shampure Calming Oil

Ahhhh that HG Aveda signature smell. There are some smells that I must have access to. Luckily, this didn’t break the bathroom compromise because he loves it as much as I do! A unisex oil that can be used for aromatherapy, added to your bath, to lotions, oils, and haircare. It can also be used as a moisturizer, cuticle lubricator, fragrance, and a massage oil. Whewww thats a mouthful! Every time I use this, I hear the angels singing. Can you hear them? I’ve given so many bottles of this away to the Quickly Obsessed! Hands off people! This one is mine!

Elta MD UV Daily SPF 40

The only SPF that doesn’t break me out. Enough said. Okay, well maybe not because I have just a little bit to say about this broad-spectrum bombshell. Gentle enough for every skin type, and powerful enough to protect against the sun’s very damaging UV rays. Its light weight, hydrating, and gentle enough for damaged skin and post-procedure skin. Its got a little added bonus too that my whole house enjoys - it contains anti-aging ingredients that plump and shield the skin! What more could you ask for?

Vetiver & Cardamom Paddy-wax Candle

I had to mention at least one feel-good, non-essential essential. I bring this with me when I travel; I literally cant help it. It’s adorable, vintage inspired, glass, reusable bottle is super inviting but, its scent takes the cake. I have yet to have a house guest who doesn’t freak out (in a good way) over its creamy smell! My guy uses it as much as I do, its pretty much always lit. Its heavy in vanilla, sandalwood, cardamom, and bergamot making for a deliciously cozy home.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

-Leonardo Da Vinci 

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