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Updated: Nov 15, 2021

A night out, an event, a pool party, a first date, a romantic moment, a presentation, an interview…all experiences that require a little extra preparation and special attention. There are definitely stand-out times in which I like to look and feel my absolute best. In preparation, I have certain go-to beauty rituals, most of which revolve around my skin. I enjoy sharing my mixed bag of tricks because I’ve learned so much from all of you! Here’s what works for me

laser hair removal

An absolute must for me! I don’t know about you but, managing the insane, curly hair on my head is quite enough. Who the heck has time anymore for anything but soft, smooth skin that doesn’t require maintenance?! This is my #1 beauty hack because it saves money in the long run (no more razors, depilatories, or waxing sessions), alleviates embarrassing stubble, saves a huge amount of time in the shower, and I can always count on having incredibly soft and pretty skin. Yes, PRETTY SKIN! Here’s why: When the follicle is eliminated, the pigment that stubbornly remains after shaving is also eliminated! …annnnd when you get goosebumps, no more surprises when your partner touches your skin. WOOT! WOOT! I mean, thats major cause for celebration. HELLO HEAVEN!!! Seriously. Make sure you choose a board certified and reputable place with experienced, licensed-aestheticians. Also, know your skin-type and educate yourself before handing your trust over to the sales person you’re about to encounter. Always be prepared, well informed, and ask responsible questions that will aid you in making decisions for the health and safety of your skin.

"fact: body hair won't keep you warm"


Now that we have eliminated the need to shave, we can get down to business. It’s soooooo important to slough off dead skin for radiance! “Out with the old, in with the new” suddenly has new meaning doesn’t it? I only have two things in my shower that I can count on. Jan Marini’s Bioglycolic Scrub and a simple Korean Body Mitt (both for use in a steamy shower). I’ve tried absolutely everything and I always come back to these two products. Exfoliation is my religion - once per week alternating between the two. The body mitt is a form of manual exfoliation that removes allllll unwanted skin cells that are just hanging out preventing moisture retention and optimal hydration. Molt like a snake…soft skin don’t care. I recommend washing any excess oils off of your body and steaming your skin for about ten minutos to soften / prepare it before using the mitt. Jan Marini’s glycolic scrub is a quick manual AND chemical exfoliant that stimulates collagen and eats away at anything unwanted on the surface of the skin, leaving it buttery smooth and with a radiant glow. It’s quick and effective. Most people are all about efficiency these days! Once the dead skin cells have been removed, the skin is then open to receiving treatment. ***I don’t recommend exfoliating on open, wounded, or sunburnt skin. Use gently at first and then work your way up.


We are prepped for treatment and prepared for takeoff! I swear by coconut oil mixed with a bit of castor oil. I know, so cliché but it is what it is. The trick is, use your oil before getting out of the shower. Apply your mixture to your wet skin massaging it in, trapping in all of the moisture! Refrain from aggressively drying your skin with a towel and instead wrap your skin in a velour robe (my fav) allowing time for your skin to absorb more of the oil. Why velour? I prefer it because it doesn’t seem to absorb the oil like a thick terrycloth or cotton and its so soft on the skin! What's better than plush coziness anyway? I swear it seems to almost push the oils deeper into my skin. I got a super soft one from Target…just sayin’. This makes a bigger difference than you might think!


Once the oil has absorbed, top the cake (you are the cake incase you’re wondering) with icing… er uh I mean, a thick body balm like, Farmhouse Fresh’s Moon Dip. Pure Yum! I really feel as though this adds mega hydration and suppleness.

the finishing touch

Scent. I can't speak for everyone but, Im super sensitive to fragrance and when working in an environment with others, it’s important to consider that they may not enjoy the powerful smell of a chemical perfume. My mom would absolutely die if she knew I turned my back on her precious perfume collection. You’ve never seen such a collection in your entire life! Imagine the overwhelmingly beautiful stain-glass in a chapel and how it completely and surrounds you in all of it’s eye-candy-glory. Thats my moms bathroom in a nutshell except with millions of colored glass, full, perfume bottles. Because of my sensitivity to chemical fragrance, I’ve adopted a deep love for oils. They are not only aromatically therapeutic but, I really enjoy not buying into what everyone else is wearing. It makes me feel really good when I hear, “Oooh you smell sooooo good! What is that?!” I adore Sandlewood, Musk, and Amber oils. They make me feel calm, sweet, and cozy and mix with my alchemy deliciously without allergic irritation. I of course have to reserve a few secret oils for just me hehe. You can grab a budget-friendly slew of these at Whole Foods and mix ‘em or wear ‘em solo. My boyfriend sometimes grabs for these unisex scents as well.

the cherry on-top

A luminous Highlighter…the ultimate form of reflective accessorizing that highlights the skin for that extra special pop of dew. Dewy skin appears healthy so why the heck not? My go-to is RMS’s Living Luminizer. Not gonna lie, I use this absolutely everywhere, focusing on the spots that naturally beg to reflect light and show off (shoulders, collarbone, sides of neck, cheekbones, cupids bow, arches of the brow, bridge of the nose, lower legs, etc.). I know, might as well take a bath in it. I adore RMS Beauty because of its natural and uber hydrating ingredients. Never an irritation. Always effortlessly perfect.

extra credit

My ultimate skin-saving acne tip: HANDS OFF! Picking, squeezing, and touching pretty much guarantees the spreading of bacteria resulting in more breakouts, scars, and pigmentation. Not fun. Instead try an acne patch; Nexcare is the brand that I rely on. These lil’ suckers do the job for you and will cut your healing time literally in half without the not-so-pretty side effects. I suggest cleansing your skin before bed with a gentle cleanser removing all makeup and environmental toxins and then taking a q-tip dipped in alcohol and gently stripping the blemish of any additional oils. Then, apply your patch. Most of the time you will wake with the very obvious infection pulled into the pad, resulting in smaller and less painful pustules. Don’t worry, its a lot less gross then using your dirty hands. A little lazy acne-shrinking never hurt anyone. Goodbye pimple-popping, hello healing!

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